Shaping The Future of Inventory Management

What is NOIARK?


Founded in 2018, NOIARK is the result of a tireless effort to advance inventory management into the future.

After months of research and development, we’ve created a system that not only makes the inventory management process more efficient, but also cost effective. The solution to all the problems we encountered in the jewelry industries current inventory practices was AI.

Our AI & Machine Learning driven back end systems power our advanced web and mobile app, NOAIRK Digital ID. Digital ID effectively eliminates human inefficiency and errors, resulting in lower costs, massively reduced time expenditure and significant reductions in unaccounted inventory.



Chief Executive Officer

As founder and CEO of NOIARK, Harout Simonian’s endless pursuit for innovative solutions is what lead to the development of the “magic” behind Digital ID. His expertise in the fields of AI & Machine Learning as well as web and software development resulted in a groundbreaking new framework for managing inventory.

Harout earned a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from Ryerson University.


Chief Financial Officer

As CFO, Shant oversees the accounting, business support, financial planning and analysis, treasury and investor relations at NOIARK. Shant’s experience in business and financial planning is what moves NOIARK’s technology forward into new and exciting markets while maintaining operational excellence.

Shant earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from York University.


CHief Technology Officer

Arthur’s passion for innovative technology is a driving force in product development as CTO of NOIARK. As an experienced mobile software and user experience developer, he oversees NOIARK’s innovative Digital ID applications.

Arthur earned a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management with a Minor in E-Business from Ryerson University.