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Over the last year, everywhere we looked we noticed one glaring problem: Managing inventory has become an antiquated and inefficient process, especially in the jewelry industry.

We found the three most popular methods of keeping track of inventory involved the use of labelled bins, barcode tags, manual counts, or a combination of the three. These might work fine initially for small batches of inventory, but as a business grows, keeping track of larger and larger stock levels become inefficient.

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These Methods may be:

  • Incompatible with products, as some inventory pieces may be too small to tag or too fragile to keep in bins.

  • These solutions are almost always aesthetically unpleasant for storefronts and can increase transaction times.

  • Taking inventory is usually a slow and drawn out process, sometimes halting business.

  • All these methods introduce human error, leading to inventory problems down the line.

  • Most importantly, managing inventory using these methods is expensive.
    Tags cost money to constantly print and reprint, and employee costs for taking inventory of a growing business are constantly rising.



NOIARK | Digital ID

The answer to all these problems, and more.

An all-in-one inventory management solution driven by cutting edge AI & Machine Learning technologies.

With NOIARK Digital ID, there’s no need for memorization of potentially hundreds of product SKUs or bulky, time consuming catalogues to look through during inventory or transactions. Now, all it takes is a quick scan to pull up a products information or to log it into inventory. No memorizing and no catalogues mean minimal human error.

Now all it takes is a tap…

and NOIARK Digital ID pulls up all your product info in one place, reducing lookup times from minutes into seconds.

Our advanced AI & Machine Learning powered back end systems do all the heavy lifting, making inventory management across multiple stores a breeze.


All it takes is a tap…




How it works…


Well almost, but not really…

Digital ID is driven by a powerful AI & Machine Learning based back-end system which allows us to identify a product within moments of snapping of picture of it. We then apply this to three main areas across a jewelry business:



Simplify your sales process. No more unaesthetic tags, no more looking through bulky and time consuming catalogues and no more relying on memorizing product codes. Just point at each product and tap to pull up relevant information like product numbers, pricing and even barcodes that can be scanned directly off the device, all in a convenient list.



Inventory has never been easier. Logging products is just a matter of pointing and tapping. Go through a large number of products within minutes, and once you’re done you can either scan barcodes directly off the devices, or, export your list to a number of common formats like Excel and CSV.


Quick Scan

Need to quickly pull up a product’s information? Easy. Just point, tap and within seconds you’ll have detailed product info at your fingertips.


This is the future of inventory management.

Be at the forefront of the greatest advancement in inventory management since pen and paper.

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